LikeGet! Increases Facebook Fan Registration Rates

LikeGet! is a custom tab for your Facebook fan page community. It automatically displays content to your fans based on their status of ‘liking’ your page.

Simply put, LikeGet rewards fans for liking your page – instantly and automatically.

If a fan has liked your page, a promotional graphic will appear (such as a coupon, video or other digital content.) If the visitor to your fan page hasn’t liked the page, they will see a graphic asking them to like the page before proceeding.

View a live demo on the Gordon Biersch fan page, DIGISTOR fan page or the Willow Street Pizza fan page. See a demo for Southern California Punk band, Tora! Tora! Tora!.

Watch A LikeGet Video Demo

For more information on LikeGet! solutions for your fan page, contact our Solutions Team for more information and pricing

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